Maguari textile is committed to providing high-quality Home Textile products to customers by:
• Consistently meeting even exceeding of their expectations for product quality and performance.
• Assurance of timely deliveries.
• Ensuring our staff is properly trained to serve our customers.
• Commitment to comply all legal and regularity requirements.
• Continually improve effectiveness of the quality management system.


Quality controling is an essential key of success of MT

• Upon confirmation of an order, approved samples, specifications, shade standards, and packaging guidelines are handed over to Q/A department to start inspection process.
• After lab test approval, the fabric lifted & and is sent to fabric department.
• Finish fabric complete lots are checked at checking table & the sort by grading A, B & C before issuing for cutting.
• All accessories are checked and approved before stitching is initiated.
• Pre-production samples are inspected and take approval from customer for the new order.
• Inline / In-process audits are conducted on a continuous basis during production. All procedures of quality and production are followed as specifications and standards provided by customer and coordinate with production, to make the things precise & strenline.
• Final Audits are then performed based on AQL levels.
• As per contingent needs, basic lab tests are conducted from Lab.